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Collagen Products

Many people might ask how to choose marine collagen products since there are so many in the market.  Nowadays, marine collagen products compete with each others with amount of collagen and not the quality of the product. Thus, the products in the market increase from "3000" to "5000" to "10,000" to "13,000" mg of collagen per serving. Is it true that 1 bottle of collagen drink consists of 10,000 or 13,000mg collagen yet you can't taste the fishy smell? Any testing report to support the claim of the "high" amount of collagen content? You may find out the answer yourself.

Since marine collagen is the main ingredient in the product, we should judge the quality of the product based on marine collagen used in the formulae. We have compared marine collagen from a few sources and finally decided to choose PeptanTM Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (PeptanTM F) manufactured by Rousselot SAS, France

PeptanTM Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

PeptanTM are Type 1 hydrolyzed collagens, the same collagen that found in human bones and skin. PeptanTM is a high purity natural bioactive product contains more than 97 % protein supplied in peptide form that can be easily digested by the human body, as has been shown by scientific analysis.


Special features:

1. Safety
Origin from the France deep sea fish, does not contain any chemical additive, is a pure natural food. It has distinct difference between botanic protein (for example: soybean protein) and animal protein (for example: milk protein). Botanic protein may have pesticide pollution and be transgenic. Animal protein may have mad cow disease (BSE) and Foot and mouth disease.

2. Modern technology-hydrolyzed collagen
Uses the world leading bio-enzymatic hydrolysis technology (at present the most high-tech standard), obtains the molecular weight to be smaller than 2,000 Dalton, which is a high quality collagen, better absorption by human body and fully utilized.

3. High absorption rate by human body
The modern biotechnology makes protein into smaller peptide, compared to single amino acid, peptide easier to be absorbed by human body. Among all types of protein, fish protein’s structure and composition is the most approaches to human body, that’s why human body can recognize and absorb it to supplement for our existing collagen.

4. High protein content, nice taste and easy to consume
Purity of hydrolyzed marine collagen is as high as 98%, white color and fine powder, good solubility in water and no fishy smell.

5. A complete amino acids profile
Marine collagen contains 17 types of the essential and non essential amino acids in a balanced ratio. It is rich in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline which are the main components in human skin.

6. Fat and cholesterol free
Collagen contains only the collagen from fish skin, without fat and cholesterol, will not affect the blood cholesterol.

7.High Quality- French technology
The hydrolyzed marine collagen is origin from World Top collagen manufacturer -Rousselot, France. Cosmeceutical products from France is well known worldwide, the quality and result is guaranteed.

8. Halal certification
Hydrolyzed marine collagen certified with Halal and the manufacturing processes comply with the rules and regulations of Halal.

9. Clinically Proven
Comprehensive clinical studies are carried out in Japan and France 2009 to confirm the effect of taking Peptan Collagen in skin and bone health.

Results from Clinical Studies in Skin Health

Moisturizing effects: Increase skin hydration level by 28%

Peptan Moisturizing effects

Anti-Aging effects: the number of micro-relief furrows significantly decrease 26%

Peptan in anti aging and wrinkle effects

Skin firmness / Suppleness: Increase skin suppleness by 19%

Peptan increase skin firmness and suppleness

Results from Clinical Studies in Bone Health


We supply following marine collagen products:

Peptan Fish Hydrolzyed collagen (raw material for industrial use)

Item name: Rousselot Peptan F 2000D

Packing size: 15kg/bag

Special feature: In granule form, excellant flowing behaviour, dust free, minimize wastage during production.

Dietary Supplements - Capsule, chewable tablets, tablet
Functional food - Powder drink, RTD, nutritional bars, collagen coffee, yogurt
Confectionery - Collagen candy, collagen gummies, collagen chocolate
Drink and beverage - Collagen smoothie, Collagen juice
Desserts - Collagen ice cream, Collagen pudding or jelly
Cosmetic / topical skincare - Collagen serum, mask, moisturizer, collagen cream

Download Certificate Of Analysis (COA)
Download Halal certificate


OEM/Private label/ Contract Manufacturing Marine Collagen powder drink

If you are a good seller for marine collagen products with established network, why sell for others? We can custom made your own formulation under YOUR BRAND.
Factory accreditations:
- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
- ISO 22000 and ISO9001:2008
- JAKIM Halal certification

Custom made formulation with combination of Peptan hydrolyzed marine collagen with others active ingredients such as apple stem cell, vitamin C, vitamin E, astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid, Co-enzyme Q10, grapeseed extract, pine bark extract, olive extract, amino acids, etc.

Minimum order quantity: 20,000 sachets and above

Price: vary depends on formulation and quantity

OEM/Private label/ Contract Manufacturing Marine Collagen Jelly Stick


New product - Beauty Regimen in a stick of JELLY!

No more collagen in powder or liquid in bottle, try our trendy and delicious collagen jelly stick!

Besides the clinically proven marine collagen, the unique of our collagen jelly is the plant collagen from seaweed. The Beauty Elixir! With the rich resources of seaweed from Semporna Sabah, our collagen jelly is the first product using seaweed (Eucheuma Cottonii) as jelly base. Eucheuma seaweed also known as Sea Bird's Nest or plant collagen which is rich in amino acids, enzymes, mineral substances and dietary fibre. We are looking for worldwide distributors for our Collagen Jelly stick. Besides, we also offer OEM/Private Label/Contract manufacturing services to produce custom made collagen jelly formulation with customer brand name. You can choose from our wide range of active ingredients such as astaxanthin, plant stem cell, sakura extract, pine bark extract, CoQ10, etc to incorporate into your collagen jelly formulation.

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